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Chris Law

Managing Director, Input Media Australia

Chris is a leading television executive who specialises in live sport and entertainment. With over 20 years’ experience in all facets of television production, Chris leads our Australian operations.

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Nigel Naseby

Manager of Production, Input Media Australia

With extensive experience across content creation, management, distribution and commercialization, Nigel works with our internal teams, partners, broadcasters, sports federations and media agencies to develop high-quality, engaging content.

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Rick Lyon

Supervising Producer, Input Media Australia

Rick oversees all the sports and entertainment production for Input Media Australia, as well as helping develop our digital production and new media strategy. He is responsible for identifying talent, building relationships with clients and ensuring creative expectations are met with responsible and thorough planning.

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Suzanne Radbone

Senior Production Manager, Input Media Australia

Suzanne is responsible for production planning, scoping and setting budgets, logistics, talent liaison and co-ordination, scheduling, crewing, accommodation, transport, catering, IT requirements, satellite feeds, co-ordination of network requirements and post-production.

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